Hey, everyone! We've finally had time to revisit this game and input some of the feedback we received from readers and playtesters. From here on, we'll be inputting changes in the "ImageLight" versions of SUNDO. The print run version - with the lovely art and layout work - will still be available for the general public to give you all an idea of how lovely this game can look. However, only the text-heavy version will receive updates. This is in preparation for me hiring a layout artist and professional editor for SUNDO in the near future.

We included the Changelog in the document here for quick reference.

MARCH 2020

  • Changelog added in order to track edits, revisions and rehauls from version to version. Thank you for being here! All of your playtest feedback is super valuable to me. This full changelog will become its own document as we move from open beta/playtest phase to the “final” version of this game, barring any patches, supplements, and the like.
  • Divided things into chapters. Have also thrown in more fluff, lore, and fiction for consideration.
  • Folded the “What is Powered by the Apocalypse?” section into the section “Powered by the Apocalypse x Sundo”. A good amount of the original copy for “What is Powered by the Apocalypse?” disappeared because it no longer felt necessary to elaborate on some of the points that were presented there.
  • Moved copyright stuff, important notes, and Patreon stuff into Chapter 0. Once this game shifts from open beta to a finalized product, though, Chapter 0 will disappear. Pertinent sections will be revised and shuffled into other parts of the book.
  • Started including text boxes throughout the document. These blurbs will be directed towards Players and Facilitators. They’ll cover tips, suggestions, and recommendations.
  • Added page numbers. Why did we forget this? It’s a mystery.
  • Made various cosmetic changes to the formatting of this document. Design-wise, it is being treated as a version of the book that is accessible to the public.
  • Removed some of the more repetitive instructions in Chapters Two and Three. Received feedback before that the repetitions made things boring and detracted from the text. Also seemed to assume players were total idiots, which is not good.
  • Added the section “Things I Need Help With” for playtesters. This is where I’ll be highlighting particular aspects of Sundo as stuff that I, as designer, am unsure about. Playtesters are encouraged to zone in on these things and give feedback.
  • Rehauled the token economy for Keystone Memories, and revised the system for Keystones. Now, a Keystone Memory activates at ten tokens rather than five. Tokens have also become narrative triggers rather than a passive event, to further facilitate storytelling.
  • Rehauled the Player Moves section. Major changes beyond formatting include:
    • Added clarification text to each Move on how and when the Moves can be triggered. This is following feedback that it isn’t entirely clear when something can be a Move and when something doesn’t have to be.
    • Added a new category: “Solace”. This is part of our efforts to bake safety, consent, and aftercare Moves directly into the design of Sundo. The first batch of Moves has been created for our tables.
    • Changed the mechanics for the Reaper Move “Stealing the Sun”. I found it to be too redundant with “By the River”. We needed an “attack” Move anyway.
    • Changed the mechanics for the Shepherd Move “Reach Out”. This is an attempt to gamify social mechanics better while enabling more agency for players.
    • Changed the mechanics for the Reaper Move “Do as You Wilt”. This is also an attempt to gamify social mechanics better while enabling more agency for players.
  • Added the section “Corpus: Harm, Dematerialization & Rebirth”.
  • Added some new Principles under “Facilitator Principles”.
  • Added some new Moves under “Facilitator Moves”.
  • Put down more Placeholders for future sections.


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Mar 19, 2020

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A strong, stylistic game about death, memories, and the struggle to not get overwhelmed by them. Have ran this and it was an experience! 

P.S. You can run a more sensible, slightly less action-packed but more shinigami soul searching and collecting BLEACH scenarios with this game. Be shinigamis that can be cool stunning people AND be burdened reapers that have personality!