Full Beta Playtest Available

Hey, everyone! The full version of Sundo, The Second Flight: We, Once Mortal is now up for download. The work on this game is far from over. I'd appreciate any and all feedback to make it better! DM me on Twitter or on Discord, and if you can find the time? Toss in a shoutout about Sundo to anybody who may be interested!

The text only version of Sundo will be uploaded soon. This version has far more text than the current release, as it is the document that is serving as my WIP file. If anyone wants to take a look at it in advance in the spirit of helping this game develop, though, you're free to contact me!


Sundo2ndFlight_v1a-PrintRunFromEarlyAccess.pdf 6 MB
Oct 18, 2019
Sundo2ndFlight-Worksheetsv1.pdf 1 MB
Oct 01, 2019

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