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"This war defines us. It is all our parents have known, all we have known, and all our children will know.

The grisly symphony of shattering bone, spilled blood and severed muscle fills this cockpit. It will end in our Pilot’s last breath.

We must make it Home before They join our Legion. We must avenge the Fallen."

The Revenant’s Reverie is a card-based roleplaying game about last stands, a war with no end, and reaching past the grave for the sake of the living. The action revolves around four forces in the game:

  • The Pilot of a Revenant, a giant robot carrying the hope of your Faction upon its shoulders The Ghosts who inhabit the Core of the Revenant, and power it through self-sacrifice 
  • The Enemy
  • The Battlefield

One of you will be the Battlefield. Through Danger and Challenges, you give your playgroup glimpses into the Enemy – an unknowable Other. The rest of you will play the Ghosts. You were all soldiers of your Faction. Your will, intent, and the weight of the years you did not get to live powers the Revenant. Your voices guide anyone who sits in the Pilot’s seat. Your spirits interact with the Revenant, manifesting its arsenal. Everyone roleplays the Pilot together. Their feelings, actions, and story are ones that your playgroup can discuss as the story unfolds. Play to find out.

Nobody roleplays the Enemy.

2-4 players come together, and attempt to best each other with their hands each round. Every prompt in this game will help you build the story of a desperate war and its hungry ghosts together.

This game was written for the up and coming Scrapsburger Anthology by Tenbear! Make sure to follow @scrapsburgers for updates. The anthologized version of REVENANTS will feature a far better layout than this, and some sick art.

CategoryPhysical game
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GenreCard Game
Tagscompetitive, Ghosts, Mechs, Narrative, nostalgia, rpgsea, Sci-fi, Short, War


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