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Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites is a narrative RPG about spending your night in one of the only clubs in your city that’s safe for creatures of the night like yourself. All you want to do is have some fun just like the humans do. Play a supernatural creature of choice, put some sick EDM on the speakers and get your game on!

What you need in order to play:

  • An even number of players. 2-6 would be optimal.
  • Tokens, or things that can be used as tokens
  • Four-sided dice (d4), six-sided dice (d6), eight-sided dice (d8), ten-sided dice (d10), and twelve-sided dice (d12). You can share, but it’d be good if each player had their own set!
  • Some paper and things to write with in order to keep track of stuff easier.

No GM needed for this one! This game is designed to make all of you storytellers with an equal stake in how the story of your night(s) together go.

The basic premise of this game involves all of your characters hanging around at the same, supernaturals only place after dark – a night club, a concert, a bar, a coffeeshop, wherever you fancy as players. For one reason or another, you’re there to unwind, chill, and maybe – just maybe, find somebody to spend the night with. Each of you interact with each other by choosing the way you approach each other,  rolling to see how successful you were, then narrating how scenes go based on the results. You’ll show each other your character’s approval for how well the flirting is going by giving each other tokens. You’ll also be able to spend tokens to make sure conditions in the club are just right.

This game was submitted for the Hot Horror Game Jam in 2019!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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