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Our subtitle ought to say it all: this is a game about coming together to write the trashiest romance stories you can think of! Build a group of 3-5 players to keep things quick, dirty and fun. Develop a writer persona - complete with a trashy social media profile to introduce yourself with - and engage in some Cards Against the Humanity style gameplay as each one of you competes to make the best romance novel evar.

Purplest Prose just needs two six-sided dice, index cards, tokens, things you can write with, about two hours for game time, and a great sense of humor. It's crunch time, honey!


Ken Davidson and a number of other wonderful people have had amazing fun with this game. Check their video plays out!

The Gauntlet RPG also featured Purplest Prose on their podcast!


Our friend Tenmi made this really cute supplement for the game. It's free to download, so go and check it out!

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TagsCasual, Dark Humor, Narrative, Parody, Romance, rpgsea, satire, writing


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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I’ve had a lot of fun and laughs playing Purplest Prose with writer friends outside my usual ttrpg crew. The prompts play into tropes well and guide you through some really fun twists.


Purplest Prose is a group writing game wherein you slowly auto-generate (and frantically try to make narrative cohesion out of) trashy romance novels.

It's a really fun concept, and it works great as a party game for writers.

Again, it *is* about writing the synopsis for a trashy romance, so probably be on the same page as everyone else before you play it, but it'll throw things at you like "write a formula harlequin about a samurai and an office worker who meet during their class reunion", and now you're stuck trying to come up with nonsensical over-the-top innuendo that fits that situation.

I think I'd recommend this to anyone that writes, that likes trashy novels, and that has friends who do the same.

For folks that are not necessarily interested in the trashy novels bit, the game formula is also really easy to adapt, so you could make it about formula pulp, or cookbooks, or anything else with a bit of homebrewing.

Thanks for this! I'd honestly love to see more homebrews building on this model.