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One More Notch runs off the Forged in the Dark engine, in a reimagining of the “canon” setting of a vanilla Blades in the Dark game. It is an expanded universe to the story of St. Andrew's Finders, a campaign run by Erich Lichnock. He set his stuff in Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse, although in his words, it’s Bad Ending™ Grishaverse, where things did NOT unfold as the story in the books did. While exploring how this went down and what it implies for the greater setting of One More Notch is on the table for players and GMs alike, the more “significant” narrative is meant to be something closer to the original setting of Blades: how scoundrels, those who dare to rise above their station while struggling with their own demons, try to make a name for themselves in an impossibly corrupt city.

The running theme for the so-called “canon” storyline for One More Notch (i.e. the larger narrative that Pam will be running) is “How Many Sins Will You Confess?”. After an incident known as The Dance at Coalridge, certain factions within North Hook have started a rebellion against the corrupt heart of North Hook itself. Given that players will enter the game with their own visions for their characters and their gangs, things will get interesting when those aspirations meet with the aspirations of the forces at work.

Follow this project for all the peripherals, lore, expansions, and custom things that we'll be releasing. The dev log will track any adjustments we make across the board - individual files each have their own update trackers. This is a fan made thing that riffs off of two different sources, so instead of paying me for any of the work I put in here - consider supporting both Blades in the Dark as a whole and the Grishaverse. I will, however, happily accept direct donations to my Paypal (pam.punzalan@gmail.com) or to my Ko-Fi.


Player & GM Kit - One More Notch [20190807].pdf 7 MB
One More Notch - Grisha Playbooks.pdf 1 MB
Player & GM Kit - Along the Duskwall [20190807].pdf 481 kB

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