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“Only assholes Have to Die at the End of this Dream” is a one player dungeon crawl. You’re playing a character who has discovered that they’re stuck in a nightmare.

This nightmare involves being chased through a terrifying dungeon full of gruesome traps and ridiculously lethal obstacles. At the end of the dungeon, a Final Boss stands between you and the Exit. The Final Boss always, always bears the face, body, and voice of a mortal you have wronged. They’ve realized their final form in this dungeon after being So Done With Your Shit.

Everything in this dungeon kills you in one hit. If you die in this nightmare, you die in real life.

If, by some miracle, you’ve managed to defeat or evade the Final Boss, you’ll wake up just fine and live another day. When you sleep, though, you’ll find yourself in a new dungeon that hated you just as much as the last one, with a Final Boss that is just as powerful as the one you faced before.

So, yes. It was in the title. You only need to play this game if you’re an asshole.

Enabled to do this by Jammi (@temporalhiccup) and Sin (@diwataMANILA). Inspired by the likes of Babblegam Sam (@BabblegumSam). Riffs off of the likes of Catherine, only better because I'm awesome and shameless. If you're not an asshole, love and cookies. If you ARE one, buy this game and die.

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Tagsd20, Dungeon Crawler, rpgsea, satire, Singleplayer


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