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Being a taxi driver is a tough job already. Being a taxi driver with your third eye wide open and a kind heart makes it even harder. “Ma’amser, Saan Po Kayo?” translates (roughly) in English to “Ma’am/sir, where to?”. This is a 2-4 hour micro-RPG designed for 3-5 players. It’s about bringing passengers where they need to be at night. Pilot a kind-hearted cabbie who does their round in Metro Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Have some of your friends play your familiars – spirits or monsters that you helped in the past, and are now trying to pay it forward. This is a city where there are just as many spirits as there are people, and they need help too. Take that wheel, hang some sampaguita on your rearview mirror, fire up Waze. Your passengers are waiting.

No previous knowledge of Filipino folklore is needed in order to play this game! In fact, I designed it with a foreign audience in mind. The game has an extensive page on landmarks in Metro Manila, some examples of the spoopy monsters that haunt our local lore, and references for people who want to know more.

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Realized the text on itch reviews kinda just vanishes into the void, so adding it here as a comment.


Ma'amser, Saan Po Kayo has a really strong premise, and it comes with both background information and storytelling prompts for doing a game in supernatural Manila, as well as links you can follow for further reading.

If you're like me, you probably *will* need to follow those links and read up on the stuff the game talks about before you run it. But if not, you may still want to do a little narrative planning before running it---it seems like it really benefits from the GM pre-planning a table of people / quests for the cabbie to encounter. That said, the game concept and atmosphere are super good and I think the bit of extra work is worth it.

Thank you for reviewing! I'm really happy that you're still inclined to try my game out.

It's really cool! I need to do the extra reading since I know almost nothing about Manila, but honestly it's an opportunity to learn stuff I didn't know before.

I think anyone who's interested in a unique one-shot with with a great premise and atmosphere should check this game out.

Uyyyyyyy, I was looking through the bundle and I have to say I'm so happy to have found this!!! I'm looking forward to trying to play this with my friends uwu. Salamat!!

Tell me how it goes!

I know that the description says 3-5 players, but is it possible to play this game by yourself?

Hello! If you mean as a solo RPG, it may hold up with some work arounds!

Very nice game. I am a Filipino as well, keep making great content!

Thank you!!!

A great game about being a taxi driver for supernatural beings, and educational on Filipino folklore.


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.