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"Asian Acceptance, that space of your straight loved ones – particularly your parents and relatives – saying, without saying, that MAYBE you’re gay, and MAYBE that’s okay with them. Things will remain okay for so long as nobody does anything to “rock the boat”. Not rocking the boat is particularly hard to do in our context, given the vast familial networks that characterize many Asian families, especially in Southeast Asia. The Philippines is, in particular, an enmeshed society, with everybody knowing everyone else, or knowing your parents or grandparents. We like to SAY we’re liberal, progressive, and accepting of the LGBTQIA+ community. We like to say a lot of things. "

Asian Acceptance is a story game that hopes to explore what it is like to spend a day in the shoes of a LGBTQIA+ person in the Closet, or who must navigate through everyday situations in the aftermath of coming out. It utilizes the system of Dread, because we feel like the inherent tension of Dread's system together with the physicality involved in playing it is a good simulation of the experience of being queer. It requires a Facilitator, and can comfortably seat 2-5 players. Beyond that, you'll need a handful of tokens, a Jenga or Jenga-like tower, and stuff to write with.

Each participant in a session will play an Emotion and build a Character together. Part of building the Character means discussing the things that Root them against the stress of every day life. The table will then choose a Scenario that they'd like to play through. By relying on their Roots and the skill (or luck) of their pulls, players will get attempt to keep their Character from running out of Spoons and surviving another day in the Closet, or freshly out the Closet.

The Emotion cards are printable, and have been designed with the sizes of trading card games in mind, for ease of sleeving. The worksheets include a Lines & Veils sheet for quick plays, but we strongly encourage using whatever safety tool you feel is appropriate for your table.

Community copies are available for this game. Every purchase will put another copy in the bag. Beyond that, if you're Asian and a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, DM me and I'll send a copy of this game over for free! Mixed race counts. All I'll need in return is a shout out on Twitter, and a rate & review on this project page. I'm also open for trading this game for one of yours if that's more your speed!

GET THIS GAME AT 50% OFF BEFORE I BUMP IT UP TO ITS FULL PRICE! I plan on charging 10 USD for this by the middle of March.

THIS PROJECT WILL BE INCLUDED IN A KICKSTARTER FOR SESSION ZERO 2020, under Gamers & Gaming Meets Philippines (@GnGMeets on Twitter)If you pledge the right amount for the project once it's live, you'll receive a physical print of this and two other games from Filipino designers!

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Lovely and emotional game, well worth the 5 stars!